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  • Hi I have two questions.. #1. I want to add some words to this duvet cover, I see you have others in gold lettering, but I would like rosegold lettering. Can you do that? 2. I really like these watercolors and was wondering if you could somehow incorporate the colors into curtains, but not necessarily in the shape of the world, but maybe in the shape of the world if it looked good. Could you make it into curtains to match the bed?

    HI there, thank you for your interest in my art and products. I can add words in rosegold foil effect / not a real foil/. There are many shades of rosegold, I can show you some suggestions. I can print and make panel curtains, yes. You just need to let me know if you need long or short curtains and what is the size you need. Any details are welcome so I can offer you the best option. I can use the same abstract paint background and incorportate it in a different pattern to complete your interior. Please drop me an e-mail to or reach me via chat to discuss details. Best regards, Tania

Abstract colorful painting world map bedding, Bohemian wanderlust world map duvet cover set in purple ping and green, Modern wanderlust world map comforter set


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Reverse color
cream beige
ash pink
light gray
sky blue

DESIGN: Vibrant summer colors abstract oil painting texture world map bedding with a lot of pinks, greens and purple with delicate watercolor beige and gray background with a bit of grunge feel to it. This is for all Wanderers and free spirited souls out there. This pattern is a real blast of colors with a summer vibe.

This pattern is a part of my new Wanderlust 2018 collection and was created to inspire, to give you this adventure spark. Just a reminder, that life is a series of memories. Lets make most of it. 

* Personal Design. Inspire and create something new! 

For a matching wall tapestry go HERE

This design can be integrated in different type of products. Feel free to share your ideas.

Thank you so much for your interest in my art!

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*If you need custom sizes please contact me for details via chat or directly via e-mail on As all my items are made to order and I have full control over the production process /sizes, color palettes, designs etc./;

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IMPORTANT: As of 1st of August 2020 I doubled my organic cotton sateen collection with 8 vibrant and beautiful colors. So for now I have 16 colors available. 

Please be advised that due to system restrictions I can not list all colors for straight purchase so if you can not find the color you wish to combine with your selected print just leave me a note in the notes section in your cart before checkout. Have fun combining your duvet cover / comforter. 

100% organic cotton sateen 16 colors 600 TC



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Iinstallation video of my self adhesive peel and stick vinyl wall murals: 

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