The story behind


  Hello eveyone!

  My name is Tania Petrova and I am the designer and owner behind ARTBEDDING brand. And this is my short story....

  My total love for design started by incident :) As all life changing events do :) I saw an open CorelDraw program in the late 2005. This interest led to a wedding and a passion that I follow since then. I believe each one of us has this creative need, we use our creative skills in all different areas of our lives. For some it is cooking, for some it is gardening and for me it was many different ways of expressing this urge to create beauty, express in an unique way and share it with others. Well, I am also a great cook, but my hubbie said that this turned against him at some point :) What can I say, my secret ingredient is love and passion in everything I do. 

  I started with a career in Marketing,  went on special courses and started my career as a  Marketing Manager. I canged it for a position as an Event Manager in International company and this seemed to be the logical continuation of all I have learned during my years ans a Marketing Specialist. At one point I even had my own Advertising agency :) I was given the chance to learn from great Brand Identity specialists, organized International Exhibitions and this is how I learned the production process from a simple leaflet to building exhibition stands. I was so fascinated by the complete process from an idea to the perfect finished product. I incorporated all I have learned when I started my first company in UK back in 2008. 

  First I started selling on Ebay and it was a success. But there was something missing. I was just selling stuff and the money I was earning were not enough to feel a real satisfction of it, the money and what I have acomplished so far. Not really satisfied with what I was doing for a living, I soon felt bored. So I started with crafting, making things that I could sell. Of course by simple accident and as a hobbie. I started drawing with crystals and making jewellery in my small main street boutique. 

  ARTBEDDING brand and concept is my latest passion, it was established in November 2014 out of curiosity just to see if there is an interest in my designs and products. I started the way many of as does - ETSY :) Simple, easy, no special skills required. If you have a great product they will advertise it for you. I was the first to mix modern grunge style with traditional Indie motifs. And now this is something I am really prowd of. As soon many followed it. And NOW .... Now my Bohemian Boutique is my main business and my family is involved in it also. This hobbie is now what I do for a living. Now ARTBEDDING is established as a family run business that is at last challenging and satisfying. And it is growing every minute. My only regret is that I do not have the time to show, design, make and reserch more of what is in my head. 

  The response I get from you is great and I feel supported by so many wonderful clients, some of whom becane long term contacts and friends. I strongly believe that it is not me that attracted your attention among all others in this huge poll of products on Internet universe. For me it was the love and spark of me that I embed in my products. I simply wanted to create something that is practical, part of your everyday life, but at the same time to have a deeper meaning. To have this spiritual spice to it. To has a special meaning to you that reasonates with your soul as much as the fashion trends and your personality. And of course this is a reflection of me that I am showing to the world, interacting, vibrating and changing all the time with you, for you and because of the beauty that surronds us. I believe that harmony and balance are present, we just need to recognise and alling with it. 

 You are welcome to share your ideas with me,. I really enjoy that. Or why not a friendly chat. There are so many ways for us to connect that are present, we just have to use them. 

Thank you for being here!

Thank you for sharing my passion! 

Cheers, Tania

 Tanoia from Artbedding about us