Elephant Wall Decor


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    Ethno elephant inspired wall tapestry collection for all elephant lovers. The elephant has such a beautiful deep symbolic meaning and is loved by many so I dedicated a section of my wall decor tapestry collections only to my also favorite Elephant. 

    As a symbol, the elephant represents royalty, power, wisdom, fertility, longevity and more, depending on the traditions and belief system. In Hiduism the most widely worshiped Hindu god deity is Lord Ganesha, called The Elephant God.He represents "perfect wisdom", "remover of obstacles" and a "bestower of prosperity". When associated with the Buddha, the meaning of an elephant conveys compassion, truth, peace, love and kindness. It is often considered sacred and symbolises royalty in Thailand and Burma, where it is also considered a symbol of good luck. So if you need some of it in your life or want to have a peace of art with a meaning this piece is perfect for you.

    51 products

    51 products