Custom Design Services

Custom design service - I can create custom bedding sets, wall hangings, wall murals, curtains, canvas prints etc. for homes, businesses or interior designer projects. Describe your idea and I will make a design suggestions and price quote.

 You can follow your dreams and create your own personalised design. No mather if is it a bedding set to create a themed bedroom interior, wall hanging to fill your livingroom wall, throw pillows to match your color interior palette, wall mural to create a themed interior to match. Feel free to share your ideas as this is what I love to do most, to be challenged as an artist and designer.

I can give you just a few examples of what your possibilities are.

Custom bedding set project create your design

Custom themed fan bedding set kids bedding

* We can use any design we have available and can add your favorite inspirational quote or we will give you access to huge selection to choose from. We can also make a design out of your own personal photograps if the apply to certain standards and make it personal. Please contact us for details directly to

Custom size and custom project interior wall mural

* Each of my wall murals can be custom made due to your needs, the size is adjustable. You do not need to compromize but rather order a wall mural that matches the size of the space that you want to apply the wall mural on. Just send me an e-mail to with details like the image you selected, what is the size that you need and I will get back to you with a quotation on your order and details like shipping fees, number of panels etc. 

lease have in mind that each of my personal patterns from the bedding and wall tapestry collections can be produced as a wall mural also. Same applies to any wall mural available. You can order each photo to be used in making a photo bedding set or a wall tapestry. Do not hesitate to ask and use the contact form on each product page or send me an e-mail directly. 

 Curtains and deco pillows

 If you would like to combine your selected bedding set with matching pannel curtains and/or additional deco pillows in the same pattern you can do that. Just send me an e-mail to with your request and with desired sizes and I will get back to you with a visualization of your project and quaotation, containing different options. 

Enjoy your stay!