FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


1. "I like this design, but I want it in purple. Can you help" 

Most of my designs are designed by me / All collections except photo prints/ and are customisable. You can change color palette, design elements, add quote, writing or your name incorporated in your new design. This is a free service. You will receive a project that will be produced after approval. Please feel free to share your ideas to tania@artbedding.us

custom order custom design

1.1 Ï really like this elephant design, but I want to change the background with another one I saw and I just love. And can you please change the dark brown lines to black if possible. Can you do that and how much would you charge me for this custom request? "

This is totally possible and this is a FREE service from me. You will not be charged extra for thiscustom changes, you would only pay the price of your product. You can mix and match any graphics that you like with backgrounds from other designs or change color palettes to match your room interior. All you need to do is drop me an e-mail to tania@artbedding.us explaining what you want me to do and providing links to the designs you want to use. 

2. " I need to change the size of the duvet cover so I can use it with my comforter/ blanket. Can you do that?"

Yes, you can change the size of your bedding to fit your needs. If for example you need Twin XL duvet cover set with size 71 inch instead of 68 inch in width just leave me a note on checkout. Bigger changes are due on request and apply for custom offer request.

3. " My son is a passionate fan of ........ Can you design a bedding set so I can suprise him for his birthday?"

I get custom requests all the time. And customes orders are more than welcome. You can share your ideas with me and I will come up with a project. 

custom design_fan themed

You can select the type of product to incorporate your custom design into, it can be bedding set, sheet sets, wall hanging, throw pillows, bath and beach towels, draperies, canvas prints, wall murals for rooms or bathrooms, shower curtains and more. As this is a fairly new website I have not uploaded all product ranges I have the capacity to produce inhouse. You can order exactly the size and finish that will suit your needs and space. So do not hesitate to contact me on tania@artbedding.us for details.

4. "I need you to add "Not all that wander are lost" to the design and a name. I would like to add this to my order, but I do not know how. 

You can always leave me a note in "Special instructions for seller" in your cart before proceeding to checkout. Or any other instructions or details we discussed via e-mail or in a live chat session, including some size adjustments, color changes, a dwadline you have to receive your order etc. 

notes special instructions seller

5. " Can you print a custom image if I send it to you? "

Yes, of course I can work with your image. But first we need to make sure that it is good enough for printing. It must be a good quality image. Size depends on the surface you need it printed on. Just leave me a message on tania@artbedding.us with your image attached and I will let you know all details.

What I can offer you also is to check www.bigstockphoto.com. There you can find a vast selection of stock images and vectors that I can use in designing your individual project for personal use. I can download it from there in the right size and quality I need and you do not need to pay for it. This is a FREE service from me.

custom image print

6. What colors you have available for the reverse side? Do you have sky blue or orange?

I hold stock of 8 colors cotton sateen fabric / white, black, cream beige, canvas tan, lilac, ash pink, princess pink, red /. As I order from specific factories that has proven high quality product I depend on their availabilities. Please select carefully and contact me if you are unsure of the exact color. Most of my colors are pastel. I tried to give as close color as possible, but there are differences depending on your screen color settings. Please see my Size Guide


1. "Could you please tell me if the elephant artwork is available and how much it is? "

All my products are made to order. I do not hold stock of it. So I can produce any design specially for you due to your size and finish or color preference. I have universal sizes for my listings that you can choose from. All sizes are given in my adds. Contact me if you have further questions or need different sizes. Please check Size Guide

2. " I am not sure if I can wash this bedding. I am concerned that the print will wash away. Can you give me any washing instructions"

Yes, you can treat your bedding set or any other product as you normally do, no extra care needed. You can wash it on high temperatures up to 60 degrees celsium/, use your regular washing agent or even bleach if needed and the print will not fade away. It is also tumble drier safe. 

3. "What materials you use as I can not stand artificial fabrics and would prefer natural fabrics like cotton and linen "

As I have the same issue I made sure that my bedding is the perfect combination between long lasting vibrant colors printed top and luxury feel bedding experience. For the reverse side of my bedding I use 560 Thread count 100% organic cotton sateen fabric. 

4. "Does this ship fairly quick?"

As all my products are made to order I would need around a week to produce it and then dispatch it. It all depends on the work I have at the moment. I set up 7 working days as the maximum time I need. If you have a deadline or special occasion please contact me prior order so I can give you an estimate shipping and delivery date.

USEFUL RECOURCES: If you need to find a creative way to hang your tapestry there are plenty of tutorials in Youtube to help you decide what final outcome you want to achieve. After you decide what is the best way for you to install your tapestry you can select one of the 3 most common options - small transparent grommets in all 4 corners, a rod pocket for using rope or just lined to use with pins, clips etc. You can watch video HERE


1. "How can I use the discount code I have?"

All you need to do is to select your product and go to your cart and process to checkout. In the next Customer information page you can fill in the Discount code and click APPLY. Your discount will be automatically deducted from your invoice. 

2. " I noticed that my shipping address is the same as billing address but they are different. Why is that?"

The Checkout process will lead you through 4 stages before you complete your order. When you fill in your Customer information you fill in the address where you would want your order to be delivered to. By defolt this address is considered your billing address. But you can always change that on Rewiew your order page. 


3. " I have a Welcome discount code for 10% off that I want to use, but it is not working. Why is that? " 

If you have a Complimentart Welcome code for signing for my Insider club newsletter or creating an account it is valid for 7 days. So you must complete your order within this time frame. Some of the discount codes are time sensitive. You can find  this information in your e-mail. If you have any issues with it please contact me via live chat or e-mail to tania@artbedding.us.

4. " I have 2 discount codes, one is for 10% Welcome code and the other is a Thank you code for 15% OFF. Can I use both?"

You can not combine all codes you have into one order. You must select only one discount code, that would be the one that suit your needs best. This system would allow only one discount code to be applied on checkout. 


1. " I want to purchase bedding but I don't have Pay Pal,  I have a Mastercard credit card. Do you offer different method of payment other than Pay Pal and how can I pay you with my credit card?"

You do not need Pay Pal account in order to use your credit / debit card. Pay Pal system is a credit card gateway also so you can use your card to make payment. Please see below an examples of the steps you need to make in order to pay your order. 

1. From your shopping card please review your order and proceed to checkout by filling in your contact details and shipping details. Then click "Complete order"tab.

2. You will be redirected to secure Paypal page where you have to select your payment method. You can either use your Pay Pal account or select to pay with ypour card by clicking "pay with your credit / debit card " tab. 

3. Fill in your credit card information as usual. 

For more information check https://www.paypal.com/bg/home

credit card payment


1. "Do you ship to Argentina?"

Yes, we ship Worldwide from Europe to any location.

2. Where are you located? Are you in US?

I am based in Bulgaria, Europe. All my items are produced locally and shipped from here, not drop shipping. 

This is one of the main reasons why I can not afford FREE shipping unless I have a Special offer for Free shipping. As most of my clients are based in rest of EU, USA, Canada and Australia I use International Priority Recorded shipping or Express shipping.

3. "If I order today when I will receive my order" 

All my product are made to order. I would need from 5 to 7 business days to print and produce your order before sending. Then it is carefully inspected for any defects and dispatched via one of my Shipping options. Please check for details on my Shipping page from INFORMATION tab on the main menu or shipping information in my adds.

4. "I think that your shipping charges are high, a real rip off"

All my charges are based on weight, not flat shipping charges. I did my best to offer the lowest prices and in most cases I cover some of the shipping charge just to make sure that my clients would receive their order in timely manner and safe. If you are unsure if my prices are fair please check on USPS official page or on DHL.com or FedEx website for International Pririty mail / International Express charges. 

5. "Do you offer Combined shipping?"

Yes, we do have combined shipping that is automatically calculated from the system based on the combined weight of your order. 

6. "How I can see my shipping charges before ordering?"

You can always check your shipping charges before checkout. Just go in your Cart and at the right bottom of the page you can find Shipping estimate calculator that would show your charges based on the weight of your order and exact location. If you are unsure how to check please contact me with the product and size you selected. 


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