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Door sticker dark room self-adhesive vinyl


Size Guide

The latest innovation in interior decoration. Highest standards - photo quality self-adhesive door stickers. Change a mere door into the focal point of your room.

GreenGuard Certified:

I use a state of the art HP SCITEX LX850 (greenguard certified) which not only ensures the highest quality standards, it also guarantees your item to be ecologically clean and achieve the highest interior safety standards.

> Ecologically clean
> Interior safety guaranteed


> Size 30’’ wide * 79” tall {77cm * 200cm}
> High quality self-adhesive vinyl – no glue or wallpaper paste needed!
> UV resistant colors
> Reusable – remove and reuse without leaving any residue*

For ultimate endurance you can select to add a thin layer of LAMINATE MATT FOIL to prevent the image from scratches, fragmentation or color bleaching. Non laminated versions are naturally glossy. I can use a gloss laminate if requested.

> Essential for wet environments such as bathrooms & outdoor use – LAMINATED VERSION ONLY

> Can be easily cleaned with water or appropriate cleaning agent – LAMINATED VERSION ONLY

Custom Order:
Need something else? Contact me, I’ll be happy to help!

How to install:
Install easily and reuse*

Tools required:
> Cleaning cloth
> Water spray bottle – the kind you’d use to spray plants
> Vinyl Applicator – small flat edged piece of plastic with a little felt on, see pic
> Box knife/scalpel
> Bottle of wine to toast a job well done – or soda if you’re underage :)

> Step 1: Lay out your item flat and leave for 24 hours to adjust to room temperature
> Step 2: Remove the door knob
> Step 3: Clean door
> Step 4: Using the spray bottle, spray the whole door with a fine spray to moisten – helps allow you to move the vinyl around to line up properly
> Step 5: Hold the door decal up to your door to how it will line up
> Step 6: Peel the top 6 inches of the backing off the top of the decal, spray with a little water and apply to the top of the door – don’t be afraid to pull off gently and reapply if you don’t manage to get it straight the first time
> Step 7: Using the vinyl applicator or something similar, push out any air bubbles
> Step 8: continue to peel and roll down a few inches of the backing and repeat removal of air bubble until the whole decal is applied
> Step 9: Using a box knife/scalpel/something similar, carefully trim off the excess vinyl from the top, bottom and both sides
> Step 10: Carefully cut the vinyl away from the area where the door knob was mounted
> Step 11: Reattach the door knob
> Step 12: Pour the wine/soda
> Step 13: Step back and admire your handy work
> Step 14: Tell all your friends
> Step 15: Buy again! :)

Send me a pic!
I love receiving photographs from my customers. Send me a pic of your item displayed and I might add it to my listing.

Money back guarantee:
All my items are made to order but I really want to offer you piece of mind and good service. If for any reason you decide you don’t want your item, even if you’ve simply changed your mind, send your unused item back for a refund. Refund does not include shipping and does not apply to custom orders.

*All my self adhesive vinyl products can be removed and reused without leaving residue if installed correctly and as long as applied to a clean stable surface.


All self adhesive products require a smooth surface to be applied to. If your wall/ceiling/door has a textured finish, for example orange peel, then it will not stay up as there will not be enough continuous contact for the adhesive to do its job. 

Collections: Wall Decor

Type: Unknown Type

Size chart Bedding & Wall Decor

 Available sizes: 

*If you need custom sizes please contact me for details via chat or directly via e-mail on As all my items are made to order and I have full control over the production process /sizes, color palettes, designs etc./;

Bedding set size chart

IMPORTANT: As of 1st of August 2020 I doubled my organic cotton sateen collection with 8 vibrant and beautiful colors. So for now I have 16 colors available. 

Please be advised that due to system restrictions I can not list all colors for straight purchase so if you can not find the color you wish to combine with your selected print just leave me a note in the notes section in your cart before checkout. Have fun combining your duvet cover / comforter. 

100% organic cotton sateen 16 colors 600 TC



Wall tapestry size chart

Iinstallation video of my self adhesive peel and stick vinyl wall murals: 

For my Shipping and Return policy please read HERE

Payment and money back guarantee