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  • Hello, My question is similar to the one below, if I purchase the upgrade and the cover, will the cover and filling be sowed or stitched together?

    Hi there, the duvet cover and the fill of your choice will be stitched together and you will get a comforter instead of a duvet cover that needs an insert.
    Best regards, Tania

  • Hi there, I’m wanting to upgrade to a comforter but was wondering how heavy will it be? I prefer the weight of a quilt or even bedspread, between living in Florida and the more than occasional Hot Flash, I just didn’t want it to be too heavy LOL!

    HI Lisa, I think the best option for you would be the all season fill that you can use most of the time unless it is too warm and no air conditioning in the room. It is not heavy and is comfortable to sleep with as the bottom is organic cotton sateen with natural heat transfer properties. Or if you would prefer something even lighter you can get a bedspread that is like a blanket. Best regards, Tania

  • if i upgrade to the comforter set does this come as an actual comforter or a duvet and a filler? because i want an actual comforter

    Hi there, Thank you for your interest in my art and products. Comforter upgrade means that I will produce a comforter set, containing a comforter and pillow covers. You can select the fill - regular all season or extra warm winter fill. Best regards, Tania.

  • Hi, my daughter has a full/queen sized daybed. What is the better purchase, a full or queen sized comforter?

    HI there, I believe FULL size would be better. Best regards, Tania

Comforter set UPGRADE, Luxury designer comforter set bedding set, Handmade lux organic cotton sateen bedding


Size Guide

This offer is NOT to be sold individually, but ONLY as an additional upgrade to a Duvet Cover set purchase. 

Convert your Duvet cover set into a Comforter set or Bedspread

All products in my shop are made to order by your request ( size and color preference, specified in your order) that makes each bedding set unique, specially made for you piece of bed linen. 

I have full control over the production process from start to finish and I have the technology and materials to make different types of products. That allows me to produce your selected design of Duvet cover set and make it as a Comforter set instead, exactly the way you need it and you are used to.


1. Add a Duvet cover set from any of my Bedding set ads to your cart / available to all collections/;

2. Add Comforter set UPGRADE to your cart in the SAME size as the Duvet cover set you selected;

3. Select a FILL ( Bedspread, Regular or Extra warm);

BEDSPREAD FILL - 80 gr. poly anti- allergy fill for a quilted bedspread, that can be used as a bed cover, comfortable summer blanket with heat controlproperties;

REGULAR FILL - 150 gr. poly anti-allergy fill for an ALL SEASON comforter, that can be used as a bed cover. Ideal for spring and autumn use and in warmer winter areas;

EXTRA WARM - 230 gr. poly anti-allergy fill for a fluffy winted comforter;

HOW it is done?

I will print the selected Duvet cover set pattern and instead of attaching the printed top to the cotton sateen bottom fabric (add a zipper at the bottom and corner ties) I will add a polyester fill of your choice ( For a Bedspread, Regular or Extra warm Fill ) and produce a convenient 3 piece comforter set.  


The stitching pattern is different and depends on the design you selected. I will use the right pattern that will allow the selected design to stand out ( it can be rombs, squares, framed stitching etc/;

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 Available sizes: 

*If you need custom sizes please contact me for details via chat or directly via e-mail on As all my items are made to order and I have full control over the production process /sizes, color palettes, designs etc./;

Bedding set size chart

IMPORTANT: As of 1st of August 2020 I doubled my organic cotton sateen collection with 8 vibrant and beautiful colors. So for now I have 16 colors available. 

Please be advised that due to system restrictions I can not list all colors for straight purchase so if you can not find the color you wish to combine with your selected print just leave me a note in the notes section in your cart before checkout. Have fun combining your duvet cover / comforter. 

100% organic cotton sateen 16 colors 600 TC



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Iinstallation video of my self adhesive peel and stick vinyl wall murals: 

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