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  • Can I just order a pillow sham and accent pillow instead of the entire bedding?

    Hi there, sure you can do that. A set of 2 throw pillow covers is 25 USD. You can contact me for a custom order to or live chat. 

  • Do you ship to Australia

    Hi Louise, I do ship to Australia. I use either FedEx Express or DHL Express, depending on your exact location, is it resignated area etc. I ship to Australia regularly. Regards, Tania

Native American Tribal Dreamcatcher bedding, Boho tribal indian duvet bedding set, Dremacatcher talisman comforter set


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DESIGN: Hand drawn Native American Indian Tribal Dream catcher with feathers pattern with north american indian geometry embroidery motives and handdrawn tatoo art eagle totem art. This design is combined with inspirational quote "Follow your dreams. They know the way" on a stunning art grunge background for a one-of-a-kind boho bedding set piece.

Eagle spirit animal: The eagle is the chief over all the winged creatures. Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it is man's connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. Among being grounded and connected to the earth, those guided by the Eagle are also resilient and in complete harmony with the spiritual aspects of their lives. Unafraid of the unknown, these seekers accept life’s challenges with unshakable courage, determination and confidence.

Dreamcatcher - Dreamcatchers are of Native American origin and have deep spiritual meaning behind it. For many native Americans and First Peoples the spider’s web is how the natural world exists, that is, all life, all nature is interconnected. All life and things in the world are connected to one another. To most native peoples, dreams are the crossroads where the human mind, the soul and the spirit world all meet.  The dreamcatcher’s purpose is to trap the ‘bad dreams’ and allow the ‘good dreams’ or ‘special dreams’ to find their way to the sleeper.

* Personal design. Inspire and try to create something new. Please do not copy!

3 piece duvet cover set  INCLUDES:

- 1 Duvet cover;

 - a set of 2 matching pillow covers.

- You can convert this design into a comforter set HERE or complete your set by ordering a matching cotton sateen sheet set  HERE 

* Matching Wall tapestry available HERE

This design can be integrated in different interior bed/ bath products. Freel free to share your ideas. This set is totally customizable as size, reverse side, background, colors, notes, monograms etc;

Thank you so much for looking at my duvet cover sets !

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*If you need custom sizes please contact me for details via chat or directly on As all my items are made to order I have full control over the production process /sizes, color palettes, designs etc./;




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