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Order Now Pay Later - Reserve your order

Order Now Pay Later - Reserve your order

   I got a few requests for partial payment option for some of you, who would want to benefit from my Special offers, but does not have the opportunity to order straight away or within the Special offer time shedule. Or just would like to pay in parts, not fully. So I would like to give you this option to reserve your item so you can pay later on when it is most convenient to you. I am sending you an invoice with partial payment option that is not available with Shopify system. You just give me the details I need and your e-mail address. That is all it takes. I will generate a Commercial invoice and send it straight to your e-mail. Next you just follow the link and pay the Reserve Fee via Paypal account or credit/ debit card. 

   Please follow this steps: 

1. Select a design and save it. I would need a link to the add; 

2. Use one of the communication options - send me an e-mail to tania@artbedding.us, use the contact form on the main page of my shop  or contact me directly using chat window.

3. Provide me with the details I would need to create your invoice - link to the design, the size of the item you want, reverse color option or finish option. Or just set it up and send me a print screen /mobile option/;

4. Leave me an e-mail for receiving the invoice. 

   Once I have your detials I will send your invoice within 12 to 24 hours. I will include any active discounts that are available up to the moment of sending your request. What you need to do next is just follow the link and make your partial payment. Minimum Reserve fee is 20 USD. You can select any ammount over this fee. 

5. Your item is considered Reserved once you pay your minimum Reserve fee. 

reserve now


   I will start preparing your order / print, sewing and finishing touches/ and once you are ready you just pay the remaining ammount. Once your payment is cleared fully I will send your order ASAP with the shipping method that is available for this product. 

   !!! Once reserved, I will start producing your order and it will be considered custom order. Canceling your order may result in a material fee. Order carefully.

   Any questions you have please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form on the main page of my shop, using e-mail tania@artbedding.us or chat with me live. 

Thank you for your interest in my art and your support! 

Happy shopping! 

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