More types of products and home interior styles coming soon in June

. You know me with my Galaxy and Bohemian bedding set designs and wall tapestries. Well, I prepared a lot more. New IN in my shop would be kids collection, monogrammed designs, throw pillows, canvas prints, designer curtains and draperies, wall murals, door stickers, boho and 3D becach towel prints, new throw and body pillow covers collection and more.

  I am designing and extending my product ranges slowly so please be patient with me. I made sure that all your favorite designs, together with a lot of new ones are already on my website. And as always if you have your ideas and inspirations I would love to hear from you and make them a reality. My products  are all made to order and I am as dedicated to custom orders as always. 

  Where you can find me:  You can reach me via contact form in or drop me an e-mail at



Instagram / Twitter: @artbedding

There I will feature my sales, promos, giveaway campaigns and show new products and designs.  So make sure that you stay connected and follow me on one of my social media channels.

New products available in my store